Ellen Ford's life in a house in suburban St. John's is quite different from the one she had at her childhood home in Nain in the 1950s.

"I grew up with dog teams and fetching water. Mom worked with seal skin a lot and Dad fished in the summer time," said Ford.

Ford and her siblings attended boarding school for part of the year while her Inuit mother and her father, a settler, lived at their winter home in Black Island.

Ford worked at various jobs in Labrador, before relocating to St. John's in 1986.

She's been a longtime board member of the St. John's Native Friendship Centre, and active in the city's small Moravian community.

Ford said she's keen to tell visitors to the CBC Human Library in St. John's about the Inuit way of life she experienced growing up. 

"I think it's important that people know the daily lives were back in my time," said Ford.  "And I'm glad to tell it."