A group of students from Nain had their love of science fostered this week. 

Two-day science camps were held in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, led by professional engineers. The camps were a partnership of the Nunatsiavut Government and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District.

Senior education officer Desmond Sellars said the love of learning science doesn't always come from the classroom.  

Desmond Sellars

Desmond Sellars says the boats were designed by the students themselves. (CBC)

"It doesn't come from a textbook, and it doesn't necessarily come from a classroom — it comes from many different kinds of experiences, and that's what we try to offer to those students," said Sellers. 

The students held a cardboard canoe race, using boats they designed themselves.

"It's not an easy challenge, they've got to take cardboard, tape and odd paraphernalia and somehow make that work to make a floatable object. So it's great engineering, great thinking that has to happen," said Sellars.

Sonny Bennett's vessel was shaped like an authentic coastal fishing boat.

Students like Margaret Obed Jr. were excited about the camp.

"Science is pretty interesting for me, and when I heard there was a science camp, I was really interested to come," she said.   

Margaret Obed Junior

Margaret Obed Jr., who took part in the cardboard canoe races, says her boat stayed up far longer than she had expected. (CBC)

Science teacher Natalie Lushman said the students were proud to take part.  

"Just to see the amazement and the pride in their eyes, just to say, 'I made this and I can use what I made.' It was just amazing."