People living in Nain might be able to use cellphones by this summer.

The town's angajukKâk, or mayor, says Lynx Mobility is hoping to expand their services to the northern Labrador community by July.

"They met with council and interest in setting up cell service in Nain," said Tony Andersen.

Andersen said Lynx Mobility — which specializes in providing cell services to remote areas — also sought feedback from the community.

"They did a door-to-door survey to determine if there was interest in the community, and I guess that there was," said Andersen. 

The company is hoping to install an antenna at the town's water tower because it's located on a high point, but Andersen said there's a hitch.
The town of Nain also wants to put its own antenna on the tower so that workers can control the water supply remotely, and that could potentially cause problems for the telecommunications provider.

"We have to make sure that their antenna don't interfere with ours. I asked them to provide technical information on that equipment so our engineers will then be able to determine whether or not their antenna can go on our tower."

Andersen said if the two systems are not compatible, Lynx would have to install repeater service antennae at a cost of $30,000 dollars each.

The target date for cell service in Nain is July 1.