An online nail art celebrity has created a tutorial for people across the globe to paint their nails to look like the St. John's Jellybean Row houses and the Newfoundland and Labrador Flag.

Sandi Ball, originally from Brookfield, Bonavista Bay, has accumulated a massive following on social media with more than 12 million fans on Facebook and over 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel Cute Polish.

Now, she has a new five-episode online series on the Icon Network called The World at Your Fingertips with nail art inspired by cities from around the world.

The cities include Tokyo, Cairo, Paris and New York City,but Ball said, for her final episode, she wanted to honour her home.

"For that design I was inspired by the Jellybean Row houses, they're so, so beautiful. I've already been inspired by them whenever I've been wandering around downtown," she told CBC Radio's Weekend AM.

"I'm excited to have created art inspired by St. John's, something that has a global reach."

Ball said since the tutorial went online on Sept. 12, she's seen St. John's-inspired nails from fans in other countries.

"I know one girl from Germany, she recreated it within a half hour of it going up and she said, 'Oh it's so beautiful, I love these houses,'" said Ball.

"A lot of people, a lot of girls from around the world they were like, 'Thanks for sharing a piece of your hometown with us,' because they've never visited St. John's before and they were excited to learn a bit about it."

In the video, Ball included some historical facts about St. John's to teach people who may have never heard of the city a little bit of its story.

Ball said she's currently working on an unnamed project — a mobile game that, she said, will be ready to launch in October.