After a one-hour television documentary about skinny dipping attracted plenty of eyeballs — surprise, surprise — when it aired on Travel and Escape last year, the channel decided to expand the concept.

The result is Skinny Dip, a six-part travelogue series that debuts Nov. 18.

Eve Kelly — an attractive, 25-year-old Newfoundlander — returns as host, journeying to countries including Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and the Bahamas in search of exotic swimming holes, grottos and hot springs where she can swim in her birthday suit.

"Forgetting the buttoned-up social conventions of everyday life, [Kelly] unleashes her carefree spirit and seeks to experience the dip of a lifetime," the channel says in a release.

In the premiere, she heads to the Yukon in winter for "an old-fashioned polar dip."

A later episode sees Kelly and five other Canadians kayaking rivers in British Columbia.

"Rapids, old-growth forest and stunning but dangerous waterfalls all lead to a beautiful skinny dip."

The weekly series from Best Boy Productions of St. John's continues until Dec. 23.