Almost 100 protesters demonstrated outside the Confederation Building in St. John's Monday calling on Premier Kathy Dunderdale to open the house of assembly this fall rather than next spring.

Some of them marched from downtown St. John’s where they were taking part in the Occupy Newfoundland and Labrador protest.

Occupy Newfoundland demonstrator Maxwell Page told CBC News that he believes most people in the province share the protestors' view that the house should open soon.

"This is something that Newfoundlanders can all agree on … just to open up the house for discussion and to get people talking, especially after the local election," said Page.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale is convening the house for a single day this week but won't open the house for debate until next year.

The Federation or Labour's Lana Payne also called on the provincial government to open the house before Christmas.

"I do understand that there needs to be a little bit of time to get a cabinet in place, but that shouldn't take four, or five, or six months," she said.