The Atlantic Lottery Corp. funnelled $114.1 million in net profits back to the Newfoundland and Labrador government over the past year.

That marks an increase of slightly under six per cent. In 2011-12, the province received $107.8 million from Atlantic Lotto.


Atlantic Lottery operates in the four Atlantic Canadian provinces. ((Courtesy Atlantic Lottery))

The corporation released its annual accountability report late Thursday.

Net profits from video-lottery terminals in the province remained almost exactly the same as the previous year.

Gross ticket sales were up, but so were costs.

Across the Atlantic region, net profits were down two per cent.

The corporation runs gambling and lottery operations for the four Atlantic provinces.

Over the coming year, Newfoundland and Labrador expects to rake in even more from Atlantic Lotto.

According to budget estimates tabled in the legislature this spring, the government expects $118.1 million in lottery revenues in 2013-14.