A search and rescue co-ordinator and union representative is criticizing the provincial government after the Marine Rescue Sub-Centre in St. John's received official notice that its doors will close for good next month.

"We've fought the good fight. We've just been disappointed and we've come up empty – so the stars are just not lining up for us on this unfortunately," said Merv Wiseman.

Employees received official notice this week that the centre’s doors will close April 25.

Wiseman said he’s not giving up.

He said it has been frustrating that the federal government has not listened to arguments against the closure and he blames the provincial government for not convincing Ottawa to listen.

"I think the province was very weak. I think the province could have been a lot stronger in moving this issue forward. I think that it would have made all the difference and could still make a difference," he said.

The province is rejecting Wiseman's criticism.

A statement from Premier Kathy Dunderdale's office said its position has not changed; that the decision to close the Marine Rescue Sub-Centre is unacceptable.

"We strongly disagree with the decision, and every opportunity is taken to press the federal government to reconsider its decision," said the statement.

Wiseman is discouraged but he's planning to travel to Ottawa next week to protest on Parliament Hill.