A man in Corner Brook says the provincial government accidentally sent him someone else's tax information.

Ryan Butt said when he opened an envelope addressed to him from the student loan department, he was startled to find that it contained his T4A, and a T4A belonging to someone else. 

"It feels like I have accidentally violated someone's privacy," said Butt.

Butt said he contacted the person in St. John's who should have received the form and sent it on, but he said he could have easily abused the information. 

'If I was a malicious person, then I could have easily done something.' —Ryan Butt

"You know, I had a name, I had an address, I had a social insurance number," said Butt. "I don't know what to do with that, but if I did, if I was a malicious person, then I could have easily done something, I'm sure."

Butt said he will contact the provincial government today about the mix-up, and he said the person he contacted about the T4A planned to do the same thing.