The father of Boston player Michael Ryder said it was "like a dream" to watch his son win the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup in Vancouver Wednesday night.

Wayne Ryder was in Vancouver to see the Boston Bruins win their first cup in nearly 40 years.

Ryder had trouble finding words to explain the powerful emotions he experienced.

"Almost like a dream. You see it on TV ... but here you actually see it and to have Boston win and to have Michael there to lift the Stanley Cup it's... Well, I really I can't explain it," he said.

Ryder said he was nervous throughout the game, but thought the outcome was becoming clear as Vancouver fans lost their steam.

"The fans sort of got more subdued and more subdued but, like I say, that's it. It's done. They won the Stanley Cup," Ryder told CBC News as he was making his way from his seat to see his son and the cup.

Ryder didn't know what he was going to say to his son, but he would be giving him a big hug.

He expected the celebration would continue back in the hockey player's hometown in northeastern Newfoundland. "I guess the cup will come to Bonavista for a day or two or whatever they do," he said with a smile.