Actor Matt Smith stars as Doctor Who in a handout photo from the popular series. ((THE CANADIAN PRESS))

A Newfoundland and Labrador clothing company has found itself at the middle of an international controversy, involving the BBC television show Doctor Who.

The British broadcaster contracted Mount Pearl's AbbyShot Clothiers to make replicas of the tweed jackets worn by the show's lead character — work a Scottish Member of Parliament feels should be done in Scotland.

Scottish National Party MP Angus MacNeil is furious the BBC didn't send the work to the Outer Hebrides where, he argues, the only authentic Harris Tweed is woven.

"I'm sure the Newfoundlanders would feel just the same, my cousins in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton would feel just the same, if they were being overlooked by Ottawa or CBC when they were producing something indigenous in their area," MacNeil told CBC Wednesday.

Adding to the insult for MacNeil: the jackets are being manufactured in China.

AbbyShot Clothiers isn't commenting on the controversy.

The coat worn by the show's lead character isn't authentic Harris Tweed either. It was made on London's Savile Row.

The replica Doctor Who jacket will be available next fall for about $500.

AbbyShot also produces replica clothing for characters in movies such as The Matrix and Serenity.