A contest launched by CBC Music has put Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case in the final four of the online voting-based competition.

The group has out-voted other bands from across the country, and band members are grateful for the support they've been getting.

"We put the song in as a way to get publicity drummed up about the new CD coming out," Downey said.

"So we never dreamed it would come this far, and it seems like the further it goes, the more support we get from Newfoundland and Labrador — it's crazy."

The band said social media websites have played a big role in getting the word out to the public.

"It's been crazy. Every time I log on to Facebook, everything's about us. It's pretty overwhelming, actually," said Paul Lockyer, the drummer of the band.

Voting in this round of the competition ends Sunday, April 7. For more information about the contest, visit the CBC Searchlight webpage.