A family in Paradise says the house they bought brand-new is falling apart, and that mandated repairs have done nothing to assure them that the house is in good shape.

Cinda Druken does not mince words when she describes the home they bought, sight unseen, in 2010 when the family relocated home from Alberta.

"This is our first house we bought. It's crap," she said in an interview.

Cinda Druken

Cinda Druken says her family has been struggling to get repairs made to their Paradise home since they bought it. (CBC )

There are numerous problems with the house. Railings shake when they are touched, window sills are not stable, and mouldings around every door and window are coming apart.

The stairs squeak, and parts of the house's siding have blown away with the wind.

Within a year of the purchase of the house, Atlantic Home Warranty ordered the builder to make repairs.

Druken, though, said the repairs did not improve anything.

"Just because you stick another nail in it doesn't mean it's fixed. They're not fixing anything properly, and I'm stuck with it every day," she said.

"Nobody's taking responsibility for it. The insurance companies, Atlantic Home Warranty, the builder's not. We've got to do it all."

After being contacted by CBC News, the builder said he is willing to work with Druken towards fixing the problems in the house.

Druken said she wants a home inspector to study the house and produce a complete list of outstanding problems.