Many musicians inevitably have a deep love and respect for their instruments.

In the first of a summer series about musicians and their guitars, Central Morning's Leigh Anne Power speaks with Duane Andrews about why he is "a one-guitar man, as opposed to a collector."

Andrews plays music that combines traditional Newfoundland music with the Gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt. 

The St. John's musician plays a guitar made by an Italian luthier Mauro Freschi that is modelled after the Selmer Oval Hole. 

"When you hold it right where the neck joins the body, it just sort of floats there," says Andrews.

"There's a balance I hadn't felt in other guitars … You can tell you've got a good guitar when you don't have to tune it very much — especially in Newfoundland, when the weather changes a lot." 

Click on the audio file to the left to hear Leigh Anne Power's conversation with Duane Andrews. 

Next week: Fergus O'Byrne. 

Duane Andrews guitar

Duane Andrews plays a guitar made by Mauro Freschi that is modelled after the Selmer Oval Hole. (Leigh Anne Power)