My Guitar: Craig Young's bespoke instrument

Musicians often bond with instruments made specifically for them.
Craig Young plays a G-Guitar which is similar to a Dreadnought. (Submitted by Craig Young)

Musicians often bond with instruments made specifically for them.

In the sixth part of our summer series about musicians and their guitars, Central Morning's Leigh Anne Power spoke with St. John's musician Craig Young about the guitar made just for him.

Young plays a G-Guitar. His cousin, Ryan Young, made the guitar for him. 

"He sent me an email telling me he had built a guitar for me and I was quite excited," says Young. "He sent it over to me and I've been playing it ever since."

The guitar is similar to a Dreadnought in terms of its specifications. But the shape is different from a Dreadnought.

"It fits really well on the body," said Young. "It is shaped more like an OM style guitar which is a bit smaller than a Dreadnought."

Young enjoys playing a bespoke instrument.

"My guitar is one of a kind in a sense," says Young. "The neck is shaped for my hand. I don't know how he (Ryan Young) knew it. But he shaped the neck exactly how I like it."

Young also says the tone and sound of the guitar is remarkable. 

"It's quite loud as guitars go," said Young. "It just jumps out. But the tone is softer than the Martins I have."

The only part of the guitar Young had to change was raising the height of the strings.

"When I had that done, she came to life," said Young.