A Toronto energy consultant says he's not surprised Hydro-Québec is going to court to clarify its rights under the original Churchill Falls deal. 

Tom Adams said the Newfoundland and Labrador government should have figured out where both parties stand before developing Muskrat Falls.

Adams said the province is repeating the same mistakes it made while negotiating with Hydro-Québec in 1969.

"The issue was that they had spent a lot of money before they had secured the transmission rights from their necessary partner, that being Quebec," Adams said.

"Now, the province has repeated that mistake by spending a lot of money on the project before they secured the agreement."

Adams said Nalcor should suspend work at the Muskrat Falls site until the court case is settled.

He said Hydro-Québec's pending legal action could have dire consequences for Muskrat Falls.

According to Adams, the Newfoundland and Labrador government has been more interested in "political moves," such as picking a fight with Hydro-Québec.