The contractor in charge of the Muskrat Falls mega project work site in central Labrador says no one was hurt during a near-miss on Tuesday, which is now being investigated.


Construction is underway for a generating station near Muskrat Falls, on Labrador's Churchill River. ((CBC))

Astaldi Canada is not revealing details on what transpired, although communications official Matthew Pike said it had the potential to cause serious injury.

"We had a high potential near-miss, which basically means no workers were injured, no property was damaged, but there was a high potential for a serious incident to happen if the situation was slightly different," Pike, the company's manager of external relations, told CBC News.

Pike said Astaldi will release details of what happened once an investigation is complete.

The incident led to the work site being temporarily shut down. There was no immediate word on when people would return to work.

In the meantime, Pike said Astaldi managers are ensuring that everyone at the site - where the dam that will generate hydroelectric power at Muskrat Falls, on the Churchill River - understands what is at stake.

"We are meeting with all workers to ensure that they understand the importance of safety and the importance of looking out for one another and to emphasize a safe workplace," he said.

Astaldi has close to 1,100 workers at the Muskrat Falls construction site.