Longtime Newfoundland musician Wally Cobb dead at 74

Bassist Wally Cobb died on Sept. 16 after a lengthy illness at the age of 74.

Musicians invited to a jam to celebrate Cobb's life

Wally Cobb (fourth from left) is pictured here with the All Around the Circle hosts and band members in the mid-1970s. Cobb passed away on Friday at the age of 74. (Submitted by Wayne Guzzwell)

A Newfoundland musician who was once featured regularly on CBC has passed away.

Wally Cobb died after a lengthy illness on Sept. 16, at the age of 74.

"I'm going to miss him, and I think a lot of musicians of that age, certainly over 55-60, will remember Wally as what an influence he was on the music scene," his close friend Mack Barfoot said.

He hadn't been very active in the local music scene over the past 15 years, due to ongoing medical issues, but Barfoot said Cobb had a prominent career as a traditional and jazz bassist back in the day.

He said Cobb played bass on CBC's All Around the Circle, a variety TV show that aired in the 1960s and 1970s.

"Wally at one time was pretty well the first call for a bass player at CBC, either radio and television, for any style of music," said Barfoot.

"He also did the Ryan's Fancy series. You didn't see him on camera, but he was behind the curtain there somewhere. But he played with people like that, and had recorded with people like John White."

Musical celebration

Cobb is resting at Carnell's Funeral Home in St. John's, with visitation on Monday afternoon. 

There will also be a special celebration in his honour at Carnell's that evening. Local musicians are invited to bring along their acoustic instruments for a jam.

"Wally liked some jazz, and he loved traditional music. So we're going to invite musicians, if they'd like to bring their accordion, or fiddle, or guitar. And we're going to keep it upbeat," said Barfoot.

"We want to celebrate his life and remember the good things. So we're going to try to send him out with a bit of taste, and some fun."

Cobb's funeral service will take place at the funeral home chapel on Tuesday.