Memorial University's student union is not surprised by a grim report on life for international students at MUN.

A study by two MUN researchers found that services and supports for foreign students leave much to be desired.

The recruitment of such students is a key to Memorial's long-term strategy.

But the report found many have problems adapting to the local culture, and also suffer financially.

“The report mentions people seeing them at the airport with nowhere to go and taking them home, or cab drivers just not knowing what to do with them once they get here because there's literally nowhere for them to go,” said Sean Kennedy, the executive director of advocacy for MUNSU, the student union.

“Same with using the campus food bank. I would argue that they're the largest user group of the food bank, which in itself … I find it reprehensible.”

Kennedy says if the university is serious about foreign student enrolment, it must improve life for such students from the time they arrive until they graduate.