The students' union at Memorial University has stopped selling Labatt products at the Breezeway campus bar.

The move is aimed at supporting striking workers at the beer company.

MUNSU says Labatt's proposed two-tiered wage plan puts younger workers at a disadvantage.

"Just because we're young workers, we still expect a fair and equitable workplace," MUNSU director Candace Simms said.

"And whether it's employment during our education or after our education it's still very much important to student life, and very much a big consideration," she said.

But not everyone on campus agrees.

Noah Davis-Power, a third-year student at the university, says boycotting the beer company hurts — not helps — the student body.

"They donate thousands of dollars to student groups, but now their hands are tied because the students’ union made a decision to boycott them," Davis-Power said.

"So now, because of that decision, students are going to be negatively affected," he added.

The Labatt boycott at MUN is expected to last for the duration of the strike.

About 50 workers have been on the picket line since April.