There is growing apprehension about what the provincial government's financial problems may mean for municipalities.

Mount Pearl Mayor Randy Simms said he is worried about the future of the growing city.

He spoke to the Mount Pearl and Paradise Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, saying that taxpayers may be facing a tough time ahead with both federal and provincial governments going into austerity mode.

"The guys that argue about buying jets in Ottawa — they don't mean a thing," Simms said.

"And the guys that argue about Hebron and Muskrat Falls — they don't mean a thing if your road [doesn't] plowed and somebody don't pick up your garbage."

He said the provincial government may take funding out if they feel the municipalities are doing well enough on their own.

"If you don't invest in healthy communities, you can't have a healthy province," Simms said.

Simms also announced he's planning on running again for mayor in the next municipal election.