A celebration of the life of Erin Bursey, the captain of the Memorial University Sea-Hawks women's volleyball team, was held Saturday afternoon in St. John's.

Bursey was struck by a minivan on Thorburn Road last weekend. She succumbed to her injuries in hospital on Tuesday.

The service took place at Memorial University's sports centre, the Field House.

A picture of Bursey and a bouquet of flowers were next to the podium on the hardwood court, not far from the set-up volleyball net.


Erin Bursey, captain of the MUN women's volleyball team, died on Tuesday. (Memorial University)

A large projection screen scrolled through pictures of Bursey during the ceremony.

Hundreds of mourners sat in the stands.

The men's and women's varsity volleyball teams wore their jerseys and sat in the front row bleachers, consoling each other throughout the hour-long service.

Erin Bursey's aunt, Pam Bursey-Fitzgerald, felt her niece's presence on the home court of the Sea-Hawks.

"Erin, being on this court where we watched you shine; I know your spirit is here. And your grit and determination is embedded in these floor boards. You'll continue to shine in our memories, but a piece of us will always be missing," said Bursey-Fitzgerald.

Bill Thistle, the coach of the Sea-Hawks women's volleyball, echoed those sentiments.

"This was Erin's court of course, she loved to play here. She wanted to raise a banner here come next February, on her home court, first one in many, many, years. She's gonna be here with us when we do that. She'll be here," said Thistle.

MUN is set to host the Atlantic University Sport volleyball championship in February. Earlier this week, Thistle said Bursey's teammates want to win the AUS championship for her.

During his speech Thistle read messages from Bursey's teammates.

"Kelsey Brochu [writes] you're a true inspiration, a true friend and true leader. Most people spend their whole life trying to figure out who they are, but you never had any doubt from the first day I met you. You are the definition of living and loving life," recited Thistle.

Bursey's brothers — Andrew and Colin —  gave the eulogy. In it they described their sister as a fearless leader, someone who climbed and jumped her way through life excelling along the way.

At the end of the ceremony two of Bursey's former teammates presented Erin's parents with her volleyball jersey.

MUN's alumni affairs office is accepting donations to establish the Erin Bursey Memorial Leadership Award.