Memorial University has big plans for the former Battery Hotel in St. John's, which it purchased last year, but says not every aspect of the building has a plan in place yet.

The university purchased the property overlooking the St. John's harbour in 2012.

Robert Greenwood, executive director for public engagement at Memorial, said a lot of work has already been done to the building as part of the $16-million renovation plans.

"Probably the most extensive [renovation] initially is to the main floor plate where the dining room used to be, the bar, the kitchen, and a conference area to the side — all that section everybody knows with the great view — and we're going to open that up as much as possible so that we can have workshops or conferences, say, with 350 people," said Greenwood.

A public meeting held in St. John's Thursday night was just one of many opportunities for the public to have its say on the fate of some parts of the building.

"There's a part of the building, the original motel section and the pool, that we haven't decided yet how to use, so we also want inputs on who potentially could share that space with us, but it does need to relate to the whole purpose of public engagement."

Greenwood said the money budgeted won't cover all the renovations planned, and the university hopes to raise money through revenue from activities like renting 86 rooms to graduate students.

The university will hold 26 more public sessions for feedback.