Student records may have been among information exposed during a breach at Memorial University's business school website, according to officials.

The university's business administration reported in a news release Thursday that its site was taken down Monday once staff learned the site had been accessed by an unauthorized party.

Private information, including student identification numbers and grades, may have been compromised.

Wilfred Zerbe, the school's dean, said IT personnel immediately took measures to protect confidential information on the site.

"Our staff acted quickly to prevent confidential information from being further compromised and we are taking steps to prevent similar data breaches in the future," Zerbe said.

Mailing and email addresses were not on the servers affected by the breach, but the full names of some instructors and students may have been accessed.

The university is trying to contact those people whose personal records may have been compromised.

Websites for the faculty as well as for the affiliated Gardiner Centre — which offers professional development courses and other programs for the business community — were temporarily taken offline as a precaution.

Memorial’s Information Access and Privacy Protection office is investigating the incident, and is looking into whether other information may have been infiltrated.