MUN-area traffic study gathering comments from public

A study of traffic congestion around Memorial University starts public consultations to find solutions to problems that have included collisions with pedestrians.
A consulting group is conducting a study into the traffic problem around the Memorial University campus in St. John's. (CBC)

A study of traffic congestion around Memorial University's main campus in St. John's started public consultations on Thursday to find a resolution to the area's problems, which have included collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. 

University staff and students, as well as people working in the area, have provided feedback about the risks faced by pedestrians and drivers alike each day. 

While only a handful of people attended the session itself, consultants have received more than 300 comments on the study's website.

Consultant Mira Vervoom said he hasn't had a chance to go over all of the comments yet, but she expects to hear a variety of issues.

"There's definitely an indication that there's lots to be done here," she said.

Michael MacDonald, another consultant working on the study, said between Memorial's main campus and the Prince Philip Parkway, several issues need to be addressed.

"There's a lot going on in this area and it's a huge destination, obviously, for employment. How do we manage that best in all of the growth that's happening in this area of the city?" he said.

A draft report is expected to be completed before another round of public meetings take place in September.