A beautiful day in St. John's was a fine match for the eccentric crowd of people who donned their best disguises to trek across St. John's for the annual Mummers Parade on Saturday.

Mummers Parade

The mummers parade included participants of all age, including this crew, who picked out their costumes before the parade at the "Rig Up" at Bishop's Feild School. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

It didn't matter if they came all the way from New York or walked to the parade from their home in downtown St. John's, the people who came out to march the parade route — which took mummers through Georgestown and Bannerman Park — were in strong spirits.

Mummers Parade

Mummers gone mad? These three women were dressed up and ready to hit the town on Saturday. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

They met beforehand at Bishop's Field Elementary School to help each other mix-and-match clothing, build ugly-sticks and veil their faces.

Some people even brought their dogs.

Mummers Parade

They promised the goat that he could go for a walk. On one condition... (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

According to organizer Ryan Davis, the event was a big success.

"It's really special that people make a huge trip to come to this event. I know that there's someone from New York here for example and I know that there's people from all over the island," he said. 

"It's amazing, there's so many people here wearing amazing disguises and ugly sticks. I'm very happy."

Watch the Mummers take St. John's in the video above.