O'Donel High School Principal Michelle Clemens wants to stop student hazing. ((CBC))

A high school in Mount Pearl is trying to stop abuse that it believes happens every September.

The principal of the O'Donel High School posted a message on the school's website about hazing.

"Regrettably, it has come to our attention that some senior boys and girls may be engaging in initiation practices such as paddling and bingo dabbing with some Level I students. We have been advised that these activities may take place this weekend," says the message from Principal Michelle Clemens.

She told CBC News that hazing has serious consequences.

"It's harmful to everyone, you come to school under the threat of some potential assault, it makes people nervous, it affects their ability to concentrate it's certainly not the message we want kids to have when they go to school," Clemens told CBC News Friday.

The note on the school's website says boys are beaten with paddles and cut-off hockey sticks, and senior girls paint newcomers faces  with ink.

"It's something that we all go through but it's, well, it can be hard on some students," said O'Donel High School student Evan Jeans told CBC News Friday.

Clemens said hazing is something that no one should have to go through and the school intends to punish people who do it.

Possible penalties include exclusion from all extra-curricular activities, sports and attendance at the Senior Prom, along with possible assault charges and lengthy suspensions from school.