A St. John's woman is hoping to soon find out what solution there is to the mould and flooding situation in a housing unit she rents on Cashin Avenue.

Samantha Brown said it's been a problem since she and her children moved into the public housing unit a year ago.

Brown said appeals to her landlord, Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation, have so far produced nothing.

Flooding in the basement has been a constant issue, and Brown said she's tried everything to keep the area dry. A fleshy, yellow-coloured fungus is now growing in the corner of the basement

Mould on window

Samantha Brown says in addition to the black mould on some of the upstairs windows, there is fungus growing in the basement. (CBC)

"I don't know how housing can allow a family to live in these conditions," said Brown. 

"Both my smaller kids are on puffers and have very bad coughs in the night time. [They've] had the coughs pretty persistent for the last nine to 11 months." 

Brown said a health inspector visited the unit in February and wrote up a report.

The document stated that there was an unacceptably high humidity rate, and confirmed the presence of mould, both in the basement and upstairs.

The inspector recommended immediate action.

'I don't know how housing can allow a family to live in these conditions'' - Samantha Brown

Meanwhile, Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation said it is aware of the situation and a report has been completed.

A spokesperson for the corporation said a decision is expected within days.