Nunatsiavut President Sarah Leo says the new housing needs study indicates how bad living conditions are in Inuit communities.

The results of a study looking at Inuit housing needs on Labrador's north coast have been released and the numbers show that nearly half of all homes in Nain and Hopedale hold more than one family — and more than half don't have adequate heating.

The survey showed 45 per cent of all dwellings in Nunatsiavut have mould, while three quarters of those homes are in need of major or minor repairs. 

The president of Nunatsiavut, Sarah Leo, said the study shows just how bad living conditions are in Inuit communities.

"You know over half the homes, there's mould in them. To what extent, we haven't gone into that in any real detail, but you know you have a lot of moisture in homes ... [you] get the black around the window ... mould on the walls," Leo said. 

Based on the Statistics Canada definition of overcrowding, 14.6 per cent of households in Nain and 13.8 per cent in Hopedale are overcrowded. 

Leo said most people have trouble heating their homes, and there is a shortage of houses. She said a model home is in development which could solve many of the housing issues. 

Leo added Nunatsiavut does not receive any money from Ottawa for housing.