A motorcycle safety instructor is speaking out about the danger of people who speed and drive motorcycles under the influence.

On Friday, police said they stopped an impaired 33-year-old man driving a motorcycle on Pitts Memorial Drive in St. John’s travelling at 219 kilometres an hour — more than twice the legal speed limit. He also owed $19,000 in fines.

The behaviour leaves Mount Pearl motorcycle safety instructor Darrin Dunphy disgusted and dumbfounded. He said drugs, alcohol and motorcycles should never be mixed.


Motorcycle instructor Darrin Dunphy said drinking, drugs and driving don't mix. (CBC)

"That's putting the public at great risk — never mind the motorcycle driver," he said.

"This balancing act that we do every day on our motorcycles it's a challenge onto itself," Dunphy added.

"So when you introduce alcohol into that, and high speeds, it doesn't take much. You can be a pretty good rider, [but] if some little thing goes wrong at 200 kilometres per hour it can end badly fast."

Dunphy said most motorcycle drivers are safe but he fears a few dangerous drivers are poisoning the public's perception of the rest.