Motorcyclists sprayed with Raid in St. John's under investigation

Three men were riding their motorcycles when a woman reportedly sprayed them with Raid. One received what police call minor injuries.

Motorcycle rider says he and friend closed their eyes in time, but 3rd rider had to flush his eyes out

A woman reportedly sprayed Raid at motorcyclists in St. John's Tuesday night. (Facebook)

Three motorcyclists driving in St. John's Tuesday night were reportedly sprayed with Raid by a woman standing on the sidewalk, police say.

Around 8:30 p.m., officers were called to the Lake Avenue area to an assault in progress.

Michael Strickland, one of the motorcyclists who was sprayed, said he and a group of others were riding down the road when the woman grabbed cans of Raid and Lysol.

"She started spraying towards the road as she was walking towards it. By the time the end of the group got to her position she was right to the edge of the sidewalk and spraying right in our faces," Strickland said.

Strickland and one of his friends managed to close their eyes in time, but did get it in their mouths. He said a third got the spray in his eyes and had to get them flushed out.

In a message to CBC, Strickland said he stopped and asked the woman why she was spraying motorcyclists, and she told him to "stay back, you're a danger to the roads."

The matter is currently under investigation, and as of Wednesday morning police said there is no word on any charges.

More serious than noise complaints

That report of assault came at the same time that Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officers responded to a noise complaint in the Signal Hill Road area.

Residents reported that about 40 motorcycles were in the area, revving their engines and honking their horns. 

By the time police arrived, the motorcycles had left the area.

Strickland said he worries that the debate about motorcycle noise will distract from the seriousness of someone spraying motorcyclists in the face with chemicals.

"People will consider this woman a hero for doing this [with] this whole biker debate and whatnot," he told CBC News.

The RNC said in a statement that it does not believe the two incidents are connected.