A man who was lucky enough to walk away from a motorcycle accident in St. John's this week is blaming police after his motorcycle was stolen from the crash site.

Jeffrey Colbert hit the median on the Outer Ring Road after his motorcycle hit a rough stretch that was recently milled for "scratch-and-patch" upgrades.

Jeffrey Colbert

Jeffrey Colbert says police told him a towing company would remove his motorcycle. (CBC)

Colbert, who lives in nearby Portugal Cove, was taken by ambulance for an assessment for minor injuries that includes bruises and rashes, while Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officers processed evidence at the crash scene.

"They took my statement in the ambulance … and I was under the impression that Avalon Towing or somebody would be arranged to pick it up at the scene," Colbert told CBC News.

No bike to be found

But when his wife, Melissa Colbert, tried to arrange the recovery of the motorcycle the next morning, she was told there was no bike to be found.

Colbert said she followed up with the police. "I said the bike is not at Avalon Towing, and we did not have anyone arranged to pick up the bike. So [I asked], 'Where's the bike in question?'" she said.

"He then said, 'Well, I wouldn't be able to tell you.' As far as [they] were understanding that Jeffrey had alternative transportation for the bike from the scene."

The keys had been left in the ignition, although Jeffrey Colbert doubts someone was able to simply hop on and drive away.

"By the looks of the pictures, it wasn't rideable, but it was still able to be put in a truck or a trailer," he said.

The Colberts said when they contacted the RNC — which is now investigating the motorcycle's disappearance — they were told that they can take their concerns to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Public Complaints Commission.