A woman is blaming the City of St. John's after an ambulance transporting her daughter became stuck in snow following a record-breaking storm last week.

Louise Evans said the city didn't plow streets quickly enough in the Airport Heights area after the storm; however, she said the city is trying to place the blame on the ambulance personnel instead of accepting responsibility for not plowing the roads.

"The issue – and stop passing the buck – is not what the ambulance drivers were doing." Evans said.  "The issue is the road wasn't plowed." 

Last Thursday, Evans’s daughter was on her way to hospital for emergency treatment for a serious allergic reaction hours after almost 30 centimetres of snow had stopped falling when the ambulance got stuck.

The ambulance crew had trouble contacting city personnel to get help.

Evans said her daughter is fine but a lot of stress could have been avoided if the city had cleared streets more quickly.