Mother and son face new charges after drug investigation

Police allege a mother and son from Torbay have been involved in the drug trade.
Police found nearly $300,000 in Michael Kavanagh's Torbay home in April 2009. (CBC)

Police have charged a mother and son from Torbay who they allege have been making a lucrative living off the drug trade.

Michael Kavanagh, 32 and Barbara Kavanagh, 58, are facing eight charges collectively — one count of laundering the proceeds of crime and seven counts of possession of property obtained by crime.

Michael Kavanagh and his mother face new charges related to a drug investigation. (CBC)

The charges stem from a three-year investigation linked to the seizure of two kilos of cocaine from Canada Post and $300,000 in cash in April 2009.

The drugs were not found on either of them, but in the garbage can of a gas bar in Torbay.

The Crown then had to connect the Kavanaghs with the drugs.

The prosecution had hoped to do that through a witness, Sharon Roberts, when it first took Michael Kavanagh to court in 2011. Roberts changed her story, leading to the charges of drug trafficking against Kavanagh being stayed in Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court.

RCMP Corporal Stefan Thoms said a different investigation unit had also been working on the case from a separate angle.

"The Proceeds of Crime [unit] conducted a parallel investigation upon the start of the St. John's drug section investigation," explained Thoms. "Which eventually led to these charges being laid on Sept. 5 against Mr. Kavanagh and Mrs. Kavanagh."

The Kavanaghs remain free on conditions pending a court appearance Sept. 27.