A mother-daughter pair had the unique experience of graduating from Memorial University together on Friday.

Lori Smith and her daughter Laine both walked across the stage to receive their bachelor of arts degrees.

Smith said she has been working toward her post-secondary education for a long time, and was proud to receive her degree alongside her daughter.

"She goes on before me. I follow her, which is the way it should be — a mother should be able to see her daughter graduate," Smith said.

According to Smith, she's been working toward her undergraduate degree for a long time through distance education.

She said having a husband in the military meant a lot of moving around, and she wasn't able to enrol and attend classes like regular students. Smith said she completed about 97 per cent of her degree through distance, and has never actually stepped foot inside a classroom.

"I have never attended a graduation, I missed my high school graduation, and so I'm really thrilled to be able to go across the stage today and receive a diploma," she said.

Laine Smith said she is proud to be walking across the stage the same day as her mother, who she said worked hard for a very long time for her education.

"Very proud. Proud of mom more than myself. It's been a long time coming," she said.