A local service that pairs up students who need a place to live with homeowners who are 50 and older is finding it difficult to keep up with demand. 

Home Share NL is lauded as a win-win for students and homeowners, but the organization is facing a shortage of homes going into the fall semester.

"Everyone that needs to be housed is currently housed for September," said spokesperson Sherri Breen.

"However, we have hundreds of people clicking on our website and requesting information everyday." 

Breen told CBC that the demand is highest in areas around the College of the North Atlantic and Memorial University in St. John's, but they also have shared homes outside the capital city. 

"There are other arrangements students can avail of, but this is a very creative and attractive one for students because you're able to share a kitchen, a bathroom, a living space, and have your own room. But there's also the idea of companionship," Breen said.

"Students can actually offset the cost of rent. So, what we recommend for the program is that students be charged $400 per month, and in exchange for that, you'd perform household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn and snow clearing." 

Breen is encouraging homeowners interested in the program to reach out for more information.