A group of hunters and fishermen is circulating a petition calling for a change in how the province manages moose, to ensure a healthy population of the animal is maintained in the future.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Waterfowlers association says the current approach is based on fear instead of science.

The group is worried about the number of moose being killed, in reaction to worries about  the number of collisions between vehicles and the animals on the province’s highways.

President Edward Smith said speed is a bigger factor in those accidents than people realize.

"Is it moose the problem or are the drivers the problem?" Smith said. "It may be a touchy subject for people, but we have to look at ourselves — we're the ones that have the most control here in this situation, compared to the moose."

Smith said he has seen accidents avoided by drivers who slow down.

His group is circulating a petition calling on the provincial government to change the way it manages the moose population.

The petition wants more responsibility put on drivers to slow down and pay more attention to the road.

The association says it has 1,400 hunters and fishermen as members.