The deputy mayor of a small town in southwestern Newfoundland has combined two icons of Canadiana — moose and maple syrup — to win a nation-wide contest to develop a new flavour of potato chips. 

Tyler LeFrense, from Isle aux Morts, came up with the idea for Maple Moose flavoured potato chips, and submitted the idea as part of Lays' 'Do Us a Flavour' contest. 

His unconventional flavour combination beat out other top entries like Creamy Garlic Caesar, Grilled Cheese and Ketchup, and Perogy Platter, and won a $50,000 grand prize. 

LeFrense said he got the idea while he was making a maple ham one day, and tried the same with moose meat.

According to LeFrense, not everyone may have liked his flavour idea, but it seemed to do pretty well.

"Everybody's got a different preference and different likes and dislikes kind of thing, but other than that I'm getting a lot of good feedback and a lot of support from the community, from the province, and right across Canada for that matter, actually," he said.

"It was the most random thing in my life to do this, I had no intentions of … I was just going through Facebook, seen it there, and said, 'What the heck, I'll try it.' And lo and behold, I come out on top."

LeFrense said he doesn't have a plan for his winnings just yet.

"I haven't really put any thought into that part of it yet, I guess ... just letting it sink in that I actually won the nationwide contest. But I'm sure that my little girl, she's three years old, she'll be getting a little dip at it for sure."

LeFrense will also receive one per cent of the overall sales of the chips for as long as they're on the shelves.