A young moose drowned in St. John's harbour Tuesday, despite the efforts of wildlife officers — and some local musicians — to save it.

Mark Hiscock and Chris Andrews of the band Shanneyganock were out taking part in the food fishery Tuesday morning from the Fort Amherst small boat basin.

Wildlife officers and fast rescue craft were trying to help the bull moose, which kept running in and out of the harbour.

When Hiscock and his friends were returning from their fishing trip, they saw that the moose was back in the water.

Hiscock said they tried their best to help save the animal.

"We got alongside of him, and we got the boat hooked up underneath him and got his head up out of the water," he said.

"I got my anchor line, and we got it around his antlers and hauled his head up onto the side of the boat to try to see if he could get any air down in him. But by that time, I think, he was gone."

Hiscock, who lives in Fort Amherst, says they brought the moose back to the small boat basin, and wildlife officers took the carcass.

He acknowledges being shaken up by the experience.

"It’s something emotional when you try to save a creature, and you don't succeed at it," Hiscock said.