The province's first moose detector system is up and running along a short section of the Trans-Canada Highway west of St. John’s.

The pilot project, including flashing lights that warn drivers if a moose is in the area, covers 1.5 kilometres east of the Salmonier Line interchange.

The provincial government says it will install a similar system on a section of the Trans-Canada Highway near Grand Falls-Windsor.  It’s expected to be ready by the end of October.

The system is part of a series of pilot projects, including a project to test wildlife fencing along a section of highway in western Newfoundland, that aim to reduce moose-vehicle collisions.

The detector system uses sensor technology and flashing warning lights to alert drivers when a large animal is on the highway.

The lights are attached to signs that say "Moose on Highway When Lights are Flashing."

The signs are at the beginning of this section of highway in both the eastbound and westbound lanes. Once activated, the lights flash for two minutes.