A Supreme Court judge has granted the Newfoundland and Labrador government more time to prepare for the upcoming moose class-action lawsuit trial.

On Friday, Justice Valerie Marshall made the decision to postpone the start of the trial — from Jan. 13 to April 1, 2014. 

The government filed a court application this week requesting more time to produce expert evidence.

Ches Crosbie, the lawyer whose firm is representing the claimants, said the province asked for the delay after his team issued a subpoena to Premier Kathy Dunderdale requiring her to testify at the trial.

Earlier this week, Marshall rejected government's bid to exclude most of the people who are taking part in the lawsuit.  

Crosbie said the ruling means that people who were hospitalized between 2001 and 2009 are still included in the litigation. Government had wanted to reduce the period of eligibility to just the two years before the suit was filed in 2011.

The suit is seeking compensation for victims, moose fencing, a cull of the herd and other measures to reduce collisions.