A woman's support centre in Labrador is warning that it's not fundraising by phone, and people who get such phone calls are at risk of being scammed.

An Ontario group has been calling homes in Newfoundland and Labrador, claiming to sell magazines to support the Mokami Status of Women Council.

The council — a women's support centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay — said it has no affiliation with the group selling the magazines, and called it a scam.

Staff at the Corner Brook Women's Centre in western Newfoundland recently received phone calls from a group claiming that magazine purchases would support Mokami. 

Staff thought the calls seemed suspicious and alerted the centre.

Mokami's program director Sandy Kershaw said she's concerned, adding it's a scam that preys on supporters of women's and aboriginal groups.

"Quite frankly it was rather baffling and more than a little upsetting," Kershaw said.

"All I know for certain is that they've been using our name and that, that has to stop as quickly as possible. It's an organization that we at the Mokami Status of Women have absolutely no affiliation with."

The magazines are sold by an Ontario organization called the "First Nations Readers Club."

A sales leader with the First Nations Readers Club claimed it was all a miscommunication, and insisted it's not taking money to support Mokami.

Both women's centres said they've contacted police about the matter.

With files from Kate Adach