Mix of old and new for Corner Brook council

Corner Brook residents elected an old mayor after four years out of the municipal arena, and returned only one of the city's serving councillors to her position.

Corner Brook residents elected an old mayor after four years out of the municipal arena, and returned only one of the city's serving councillors to her position.

Charles Pender, who lost the mayor's job in 2009, is back as mayor of Corner Brook after defeating opponent Donna Francis by 1,500 votes.

More than 50 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots on Tuesday with Pender receiving more than 4,200 votes.

Pender said it was important to him to run for mayor a second time.

"I wasn't pleased with the stagnation, if you want to call it, over the last four years," Pender said.

"I think this community is much better than that. There are much greater opportunities and potential there, so I was willing to give it a try."

Pender said he hopes to meet with the new council this week, and plans on getting to work as soon as possible.

Only one returning councillor

While Charles Pender is back in the mayor's seat, only one of the city's six councillors will be heading back to council chambers. 

Linda Chaisson won her seat with a little more than 2,900 votes.

Four years ago, Chaisson refused to take a wage increase implemented by council soon after the election.

Chaisson said, this year, a wage freeze was a big part of her platform.

"I certainly stand up for what I believe in and also for what the people believe in," she said.

"I did say in my platform that if I did get in, I would be proposing a wage freeze right away for council and mayor … and that will be done within the first public meeting, or the first meeting that we have hopefully."


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