Have you seen Fluffy? Family looking for missing pet turtle in St. John's

You wouldn't think a turtle could climb over a six-inch barricade and vertical rocks, but its owner says Fluffy and its "partner in crime" Flippy are "escape artists."

Turtle one of 2 that escaped on Sunday, other was discovered by neighbours

Several signs have been placed around the east end of St. John's in hopes someone will find Fluffy, the missing pet turtle. (Facebook)

A St. John's family is looking for Fluffy, its beloved pet turtle.

Fluffy's owner is Susan Flanagan's youngest son, Declan. Flanagan told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show the turtle has been missing since Sunday. 

"We have signs up everywhere and we are asking if anybody sees a [red-eared] slider turtle the size of a side plate, to give us a call at 765-5459," she said.

They looked so happy in the pond, we never imagined they'd leave. But they're escape artists.- Susan Flanagan

Fluffy is one of two pet turtles belonging to the family. The other, Flippy, was also missing, but was found by neighbours and friends on Roche Street.

"I know that Flippy must be wondering where Fluffy is and Fluffy, we're just worried about him. We really hope that somebody finds him and picks him up," Flanagan said.

Flanagan said Fluffy and Flippy are partners in crime and normally live in two large aquariums in the family home. With the summer weather being so warm, they decided to follow their friends' lead and take the turtles outside.

Fluffy (top) and Flippy usually live in a large aquarium, but were put in the family's backyard pond to enjoy the summer weather. Now Fluffy is missing. (Submitted by Susan Flanagan)

"We have friends who successfully move their turtles to an outdoor pond in their garden in the summer," she said.

"So this summer being so warm, we brought Fluffy and Flippy and their tanks out to the back deck and acclimated them and then moved them to our pond, which was already there in the garden, and we put up just like a six to eight-inch barricade."

Flanagan didn't expect the turtles to get out due to the barricade and vertical rocks surrounding the water.

"Plus they looked so happy in the pond, we never imagined they'd leave. But they're escape artists and both of them got out over the barricade," she said.

Flanagan said her son is very worried about Fluffy and has put several signs up around the east end area of the city.

"So we're hoping that Fluffy has the same fate as Flippy and someone finds him, just picks him up by the shell — he'd be frightened if you pick him up and he'd tuck everything in — and then you can just sit him in a pan of water [until] we can come collect him," she said.