Missing father, son found OK north of Nain

A father and son from Nain who were reported missing Thursday night were found in good condition on Friday.

A father and son from Nain who were reported missing Thursday night were found in good condition on Friday.

RCMP said the 54-year-old man and his 18-year-old son had left Nain to gather firewood north of the community. They were reported missing around 9:30 Thursday night when they failed to return home.

Police said their snowmobile broke down, so they took refuge in a vacant cabin for the night, which is where they were found shortly before noon on Friday.

Relatives and members of Nain ground search and rescue went looking for the pair Thursday night, but it was too dark for a thorough search.

Sgt. Calvin Roberts said this kind of situation is, unfortunately, common during the winter months. 

"Snowmobiles with mechanical issues, they break down," Roberts said, adding the father and son are experienced in the wilderness.

"There's lots of cabins in the area, so normally they'll wait until someone comes to locate them. But it is too common an occurrence that people are overdue or missing."

Police are reminding snowmobilers to make safety a priority when they leave home. That means ensuring someone knows where you have gone and when you plan to return, and wearing warm clothing and safety gear.

Cell or satellite phones are also highly recommended.