The mother of missing Bay Roberts resident Andrew Lush says she cannot sleep without knowing where is, particularly after learning he had been escorted from a bar shortly before he disappeared.

Andrew Lush

Andrew Lush was last seen leaving a Bay Roberts bar around 1 a.m. on Saturday. (RCMP)

"Oh, not very good. With [my]

son gone, it's not good," said Betty Lush, who said her son had had a few drinks at home on Friday night before he set out to a couple of local bars.

Lush, 37, was last seeing at Kelly's Landing shortly before 1 a.m. Saturday, and had been so drunk that he was escorted out of the bar.

Police said he was wearing only a T-shirt, a hoodie, jeans, and work boots at the time.

"They should've called a taxi or police to bring him home," she said.

"Because if they had to put him in the drunk tank for that night, at least he'd be alive. He could still be alive now — we don't know that."

She said that if her son was as drunk as staff told her, it's possible he fell into the nearby harbour, or that he had laid down in the snow.

Ground search yields no clues

A ground search for Lush has turned up no clues, and police and a search team have pleaded with residents to check their properties, including sheds and other structures.

Betty Lush described her son as quiet and not having many friends.

She said her son's disappearance has left her shaken.

"Walking back and forth. I don't get no sleep or nothing like that," she said.

"I'm leaving the doors open here all night, in case… he's going to come."