Military cancels bird-scaring sounds at Pleasantville station

A military move to keep pigeons and seagulls away from the brand-new headquarters of Canadian Forces Station St. John's is ruffling more than feathers near Quidi Vidi Lake.
Neighbours of CFS St. John's had to put up with a noisy bird alarm. Officials say it has been turned off 2:39

The Canadian Forces is halting a plan to keep pigeons and seagulls away from its brand-new station in St. John's after people who live in the adjacent residential neighbourhood raised a noise of their own. 

Speakers on top of the Canadian Forces Station St. John's have been blasting the noises of predatory birds — such as hawks and owls — at the Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander W. Anthony Paddon Building, which is named for the late Labrador physician who served as the province's lieutenant-governor in the 1980s

Residents in the nearby Pleasantville neighbourhood have been startled over the last week by the sounds, which they say have been repelling more than just nuisance birds. 

"It's going 24-7. It started last Monday, and it hasn't stopped since," neighbour Kellie Rodgers. 

"I know these machines exist and they have them at the airport, I know, and they have them at the dump, but this is a residential neighbourhood, and to have the noises going continuous like this is noise pollution, and it's not acceptable." 

An official with the Canadian Forces told CBC News that the military is apologizing for the problem, calling it an oversight. 

The system has been turned off, and station officials are now looking for a more quiet way to do battle with birds that fly around Quidi Vidi Lake and the nearby ocean.