Mild weather, rogue skaters slow Bannerman Loop repairs

Late-night skaters are hindering efforts to rebuild the new Bannerman Park Loop in St. John's.

Late-night users ignoring fences, warning signs to stay away

Skaters of all ages are shown enjoying the new Loop in Bannerman Park shortly after it opened in December. City crews are trying to resurface the trail after mild weather and late-night skaters damaged it. (CBC)

Late-night skaters are hindering efforts to rebuild the new Bannerman Park Loop in St. John's.

The city was forced to close the popular ice trail earlier this month after mild temperatures melted the ice, exposing the concrete underneath.

City officials say it's tedious and time-consuming work to rebuild the track with many thin layers of ice before it's ready to skate on.

But their efforts are being slowed by people trying to skate on the surface at night, despite a protective fence and warning signs to stay away.

"Unfortunately, the ice rebuilding efforts are being hampered by unauthorized use of The Loop at night," the city stated in a news release.

"The ice remains thin on sections of the trail and, when skated on, pieces are breaking off. This has considerably slowed down the progress of rebuilding the ice as staff have had to start from the beginning of the ice rebuilding process each day."

The city said the public will be notified through the mainstream media and social media when The Loop is open again.