Michael Tracey facing new charges, including theft from NLTA

Former IT administrator for the province's teachers' union now facing 22 new charges
Michael Tracey is now facing an additional 22 charges related to allegations of theft from the NLTA and a rash of home break-ins in the St. John's area. (CBC)

A former employee with Newfoundland and Labrador's teachers' union  who's wanted on a warrant in Alberta and faces charges in this province  has now been charged with an additional 22 counts, including theft from his former employer.

According to court documents, Michael Tracey, 36, allegedly stole goods worth less than $5,000 from the NLTA in St. John's. 

He's also charged with breaching court conditions.

The other 20 charges are in relation to a rash of six home break-ins in the St. John's area. All of the offences allegedly took place between late May and early June.

Tracey is due back in court on the charges later this summer.

Previous charges

A CBC News investigation previously revealed that Tracey faces three dozen counts of fraud and identity theft in Alberta, even though he had been living and working for the NLTA in Newfoundland since last year.

When he didn't appear in court in Calgary last March, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Then, between August and December of 2013, he was picked up three times in Newfoundland for unrelated offences, including charges for impaired driving and malicious damage under $5,000. 

Tracey had already pleaded guilty to those charges, and was sentenced to 28 days.

He was also arrested and charged in June with breaking into another home, trespassing at night, and breaching conditions of his release. He was later denied bail.

Tracey no longer works for the NLTA.