A man who used bear spray during an attack against two people last year was sentenced to prison on Monday, while he cast new insults against his victims.

Michael Rakai, 35, described the complainants against him as "rats," both inside and outside provincial court. 

Rakai was sentenced to two years and 53 days for the assaults. He had been convicted last December and was awaiting sentencing.

Rakai admitted during his trial that there had been "bad blood" between himself and one of the people he assaulted, with things coming to a head in April 2013.

That's when Rakai confronted the man with a hatchet, at a home on Merrymeeting Road near downtown St. John's.

Rakai used bear spray on the man and his partner, and also used the hatchet to damage the couple's property.

Rakai's sentence includes punishment for breaching court orders, one of which was laid after he skipped a sentencing hearing in March.